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We are here to meet your delivery needs and goals. We see your products as our own. We don't see boxes but happy customers. We are the only New York City food logistics company that allows for a personalized delivery experience. We take pride in our logistics service exclusively to local small to medium size stores. We understand the hard work and investment you made so our expert team will strategize the best routes and solutions in delivering your products safely and on track.

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"They are always on time, and I receive no complaints about the condition of my products upon delivery... happy to see their expansion over the years."

— Michelle, Whipped Pastry Boutique


"I've been working with Daisita for 6 months now, and couldn't be happier! They offer prompt, reliable deliveries and amazing customer service - ultimately they make my life easier."

— Caitlin, Dank Brooklyn

About us

DAISITA is a New York City family-owned company founded in 2013 by Daisy Bueno and Elvis Hernandez. Daisita initially started as a home-based bakery (Daisita Bakery) business, creating delicious pastries for special catering events and exclusive local stores. Through out our growing pains, we realized there was more to just perfecting a product — it was also delivering it. Thanks to Elvis’ background on sales marketing and logistics, we managed to branch out as a logistics business for small businesses. Our experience has given us the knowledge, tools and skills necessary to help other small companies in their logistical needs.

The tag team

Our team is a family. We have each other’s backs including yours. Become part of our extended family.

Daisy A. Bueno
Elvis L. Hernandez

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